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About Me

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My name is Jason Friedman. I was born on May 28, 2001 and I live in Los Angeles California. 


I have been athletic my entire life. You can catch me working out at Muscle Beach, running on San Vicente, hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains or walking down Third Street Promenade. I also love to train at the Santa Monica Stairs. 


Growing up my favorite sports to compete in and watch were Basketball and Football but I have always had a passion for Health and Fitness. I also got involved in Parkour and Freerunning for a couple years which led to little injuries including knee and ankle pain. To help prevent injuries I wanted to get stronger so that’s when I really started lifting weights and learning new exercises. After learning more about working out I began feeling and seeing the benefits, I really started to enjoy it so it became my main focus. 


Towards the end of middle school I tried a muscle up on a bar and fractured my shoulder also tearing a few muscles in my chest. I never had that severe of an injury  before so it was a good wake up call. I then had to be in a sling for a little over a month. This was really difficult for me because it meant I could not be active, which was physically and mentally challenging. I had all of this energy built up so all I wanted to do was recover as fast as possible. This injury and healing process taught me all about the shoulder. I developed an interest in researching and learning amazing exercises to help me recover. In the process of recovering and after I recovered, all I wanted to do was learn more about the body.


I set a goal to finish high school as quickly as possible so that I could study to become a personal trainer and help educate others to prevent injuries while achieving their goals. I ended up going to school through the summer and graduated early in October 2019. Ever since I set that goal in the beginning of high school I have tried many different styles of working out and diets. Soon after, I realized this wasn’t just a passion or sport but a lifestyle. Right when I finished high school I studied hard and got my personal training certification on October 25, 2019.

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Friendly Bowl Of Oats

What's With The Oats?

After really getting involved in Fitness, I started to pay more attention to my diet. I began by watching what my favorite athletes and bodybuilders ate. I wanted to learn why they were eating those foods and what the benefits were. After studying and experimenting with how my body reacted to different foods I realized that oats are the way to go. They provide many health benefits and make me feel very energized. Now I eat them every morning before I workout and to boost my energy for the day. Eating plain oatmeal every day can certainly get boring. I always like to switch it up by adding nuts, seeds, nut butters, fruit, etc to see how my body reacts to different combinations of foods and for good flavor. Eating oatmeal this way helps to keep it interesting. Give it a try and see how it makes you feel!

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