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Fix Your Low Back Pain!

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Low back pain is a common problem many people are dealing with today.

Some common causes of low back pain include:

Tight Hips

If your hip flexors are tight they are pulling directly on your lower back which can cause an anterior pelvic tilt. When your body is in this anterior pelvic tilt the stress gets taken off of the Glutes and Core (where it should be), and put onto the low back, which tightens it.

Weak Glutes

The low back depends on the Glutes to take off some of the load that is placed on it. So, if the Glutes are weak, the low back has to compensate for the Glutes, therefore tightening the lower back.

A Weak Core

The job of the core is to stabilize the body. If the Core is not strong enough to do that, the low back has to then compensate, making it very tight. A weak Core can also cause a forward lean or anterior pelvic tilt. This kind of posture is horrible and can put all kinds of stress and tightness in the low back, which will likely get worse if the core is not strengthened.

A Weak Low Back

If the low back is too weak to hold your body up this will likely cause an anterior pelvic tilt, making the low back muscles very tight.

We can develop these imbalances due to daily activities like sitting for long periods of time, sleeping, and even standing.

Sitting For Long Periods Of Time

Sitting can cause your hip flexors to be shortened and tightened while weakening the muscles in your back and Glutes. Tight hip flexors, a weakened back, and Glutes are the recipe for an anterior pelvic tilt, leading to lower back pain.


Depending on how you sleep could also lead to tight hips.

Sleeping like this really tightens up the hip flexors which can again cause a really bad anterior

pelvic tilt.

Sleeping like this with extension in the spine can cause a lot of tightness and stress in the low back.


If we stand with an anterior pelvic tilt and not activate our Core, our lower back will take over making it very tight.

In order to fix this horrible low back pain you will have to strengthen the muscles that are weak and loosen the muscles that are tight.

Checkout my video below to learn exercises and stretches for getting rid of that low back pain!

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