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Walking Group

Come Join My Walking Group!


When: We meet every Sunday at 10am.


Where: Baltic Street and Burlingame 

Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90049

We walk down Montana Avenue to the bluffs and back!

In case you're wondering there is no charge for this. It's just a fun group activity!

Benefits Of Walking:

  • Burns Calories and Improves Fat Loss

  • Improves Cardiovascular Health

  • Reduces Risk Of Heart Disease

  • Eases Joint Pain

  • Strengthens Muscles

  • Improves Sleep

  • Boosts Immunity

  • Reduces Risks of Developing Breast Cancer

  • Increases Energy Levels

  • Improves Mood

  • Increases Longevity

For more benefits of walking click here!

Contact Me With Any Questions!

Phone: 310-492-3265

Instagram: fitness_and_oats

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